Things for Which I am Thankful, Plus Turkey Trot Results!


Turkey trot results are at the bottom, but first, a list of things for which I am thankful on this Thanksgiving.

In no particular order:

  • Begin with the obvious–running, because it is been incredibly rewarding and therapeutic for me the past 10 years, through many ups and downs.  It has helped me clear my mind, battle my insecurities, improve my health, alleviate my anxiety, have fun, discover new places, meet amazing people, be a leader, learn humility, push my limits beyond what I could have imagined, feel like a part of something bigger… the list goes on…

Now that I’m all emotional…

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MSB Marathon T-Minus 8 Weeks: First Long Run and an Update on No Sugar November


Goals for This Past Week:

  • Make it to Orangetheory one morning
  • Get to the regular gym twice (which I pay for but so rarely use)
  • Complete my long run over the weekend
  • Continue with No Sugar November, but with no trips the vending machine or pizza place (i.e., bring enough good snacks to work to get me through the day)

So, how did I do?…

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Change of Pace (Heh Heh): Training for a 5K

So… I am signed up for my first ever turkey trot.  I am not sure how I’ve avoided doing a turkey trot in the past, but I guess it boils down to the fact that if I want to run three miles, I usually just go do it.  Anyway, my husband and I are going to run one near his hometown along with his family this Thanksgiving, and I think it should be fun.  And of course I am not trying to break any world records… but I thought it might be a nice *change of pace* to focus for the next few weeks on increasing my speed at a shorter distance.  But it begs the question: what would my pace be for 3.1 miles?  And how do I improve it?

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