Welcome!  This blog documents my journey to run a marathon in each of the 50 states.  I share race recaps and reviews, thoughts on products and workouts, training and nutrition tips, and more.

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  • For race recaps and updates, check out Races.
  • The main contents of this blog — training updates and plans, (vegetarian) recipes, my favorite products, and other thoughts  — are under Lifestyle.
  • Products, services, and fitness classes I’ve tested out are under “Test Runs.”
  • Some favorite running routes in DC are available under DC Running.
  • Podcast Reviews, a page in progress, profiles some podcasts I’ve tried and a bunch more I’ve heard great things about and am planning to test out.

For more frequent updates and occasional photos of my awesome dog, follow me on Instagram @athlettuce!

Opinions expressed on this blog are my own based on my own experiences and sometimes things I read on the internet or heard on a podcast.  I am not a doctor, a certified trainer, a physical therapist, or a nutritionist.  I try to give my most candid thoughts in reviews and recaps, but keep in mind that these are just my impressions and reflect my personal preferences. Whether a race or a product is my favorite, or not so much, I am so grateful to the running community, volunteers, and race directors for this sport.

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