Mesa Falls Marathon 2016 (Marathon 18, State 13- Idaho)

Sorry for the delay!  I traveled around after the Mesa Falls Marathon (post on that travel to come!) and wasn’t able to do a write up right away.  But here it is!

Race:  20th Annual Mesa Falls Marathon

Location: Finish/packet pickup was in Ashton, Idaho, in eastern Idaho about 2 -2.5 hrs from the Jackson Hole, WY airport.  Note for sea-levelers: Ashton is 5,259 feet above sea level (and note, a week of easy running at a similar altitude is not sufficient acclimation).

Time of Year: End of August, on a Saturday. 

Weather:  Can vary, but for me it was wonderful — started in the high 40s at 6:30 am and ended in the low 70s, I think.  Temperature felt good the whole time running but a little cold standing at the start.

Number of Runners: 146

Other Races:  Half marathon, 10K, 5K, fun run.

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Vermont City Marathon Review and Recap (Marathon 17, State 12)

IMG_1415Hi all!  Writing here from the comfort of my sweet, sweet air-conditioned home.  This Memorial Day weekend I ventured up to Burlington, Vermont and ran the Vermont City Marathon, marathon number 17 for me and state number 12.  But it almost didn’t happen!  Suspense!

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Asheville Marathon Training — T-Minus Three Weeks

Yikes… How did that happen?… Now only three weeks until the Asheville Marathon??? Maybe that honeymoon break was a bad idea, especially given my goals for this race?  Well I had my wakeup this week and jumped back into it with both feet…


Running in compression tights and short sleeves!

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Year in Review: 2015


You can check out my goals for 2016 here, but this post is about looking back at a pretty marvelous year.  Thanks to all of those who supported me and brought joy to my life in 2015.

Here are a few facts about 2015…

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MSB Marathon Training T-Minus Four Weeks: You Gotta Be Bad, You Gotta Be Bold

This time of year, I think it’s really common to get in a little bit of a fitness rut.  The start of the holiday season, some increased intensity at work, important social events, and the colder weather have all been challenges for me the past few weeks.  I’ve been working out, but I haven’t made it to Orangetheory, I skipped a few longer runs, and two weeks ago I even walked to work all week instead of running.  Although I’m doing well at the Tea Streak and the Vending Machine Challenge, and really haven’t had many sweet treats apart from birthday cake(s), I’ve been taking in more calories than I’m burning.  (Binge eating clementines probably doesn’t help.)  I can feel some of the pre-wedding weight creeping back, which I was hoping to avoid because I know that I run faster and easier, with less risk of injury, when I’m a little leaner.

This past week, I’ve been working on crawling out of the rut!

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