RP Diet, BQ Training, Life Update: Three Weeks Until Phoenix Marathon


I’ve been super busy over the past few weeks doing meal prep, traveling, working, and training.  Here is a little update, including some thoughts on my training and prep going into the Phoenix Marathon (just three more weeks!) and as I wrap up my 12-week cut on the Renaissance Periodization diet.  Plus, my pre-race to-do list!

First, a quick update:  My husband and I traveled earlier this month to Switzerland and Italy.  Post on that coming soon!  Back in DC, I’ve been running an OK amount, including a couple of runs with local trail groups (the DC Capital Striders Wolfpack and the Virginia Happy Trails Running Club).  Can’t wait for more!  I’ve also been doing Orangetheory about once a week, trying to adhere to my RP diet plan (which just got harder, thanks to my coach adjusting my macros…boooo), and dabbling in a few classes through ClassPass (got a three month deal for 5 classes/month).  After I signed up for the Mt. Hood 50K, I also signed up for what will actually be my first ultra: the Ultimate Direction Dirty 30 in Colorado!   I also entered the NYC Marathon lottery, but I know my chances are slim — this will be my fourth year trying!  That means my races for 2017 (so far) are: Mesa-Phoenix Marathon, Big Sur Marathon, Bayshore Marathon, Dirty 30, and Mt. Hood 50K.   Remember to check out my goals for 2017 here and all of my completed/planned races here.

OK! So.  I have just three weeks until the Mesa-Phoenix Marathon, which will be my first BQ attempt of 2017.  Here’s what I need to do before that race:

  • Change my hotel reservation, so that I am only staying Friday night.  After the race, I’ve decided to fly directly to Tahoe for some skiing with friends.  Great recovery, right?
  • Buy new ski goggles because mine are growing mold.  Yeah.
  • Re-supply on race fuel.  That means Nuun, Stinger Waffles, and caffeinated peanut butter for before the race, and Clif Blocs, Huma gels, and Gu gels for during the race.
  • Finish up my Renaissance Periodization “cut.”  It’s pretty clear I am not going to lose the 10 lbs I had been hoping for, but I still want to finish strong.  Full post on this diet and my results to come!
  • Get a new DEXA scan.
  • Do at least one more mentally-challenging long run.  I did a tough 21-miler on the trails last weekend, but I’d like one more similar run under my belt for confidence.
  • Do at least one more run with significant downhills.  The Phoenix Marathon has some downhill portions in the first half, and I don’t want to burn out my legs (see, e.g., Mesa Falls Marathon 2016.)
  • Make a new race playlist.  I have been listening to Pandora for the past couple of years during races because I am lazy.  But for this race, I want to have the best, most motivating playlist possible.  I plan to use Spotify to create the list and then download it locally to my iPhone.
  • Finish reading Boston Bound and re-read How Bad Do You Want It?  I’ve learned that the mental aspect of running is incredibly important, and I know that by harnessing some strategies from these books and getting in the proper mindset for racing, I will have the best chance at qualifying for Boston.
  • Buy new running shoes.  My shoes always seem to “run out” just before a race.  I need to buy new sneaks this week and get them broken in before I head to Arizona.  I will probably stick with Nikes, which served me well at Chicago and Kiawah.
  • Make a pace wristband.  I’ve learned so much about pacing, especially in my last two races.  So I plan to make a wristband of my goal splits.
  • Check the weather and plan my outfit.

OK that’s it, I think.  Anything I am forgetting???  Any last-minute training or tapering tips?  I’ll take whatever you’ve got!  😉 

6 thoughts on “RP Diet, BQ Training, Life Update: Three Weeks Until Phoenix Marathon

    • I bought the new ones today. I stuck with the exact model as my current ones so there shouldn’t be any surprises, and I’ll aim to do a couple of runs in them before the race to get them broken in a little. I hate running in worn out shoes! Totally personal preference though!


  1. Ugh the never ending shoe question. I hate when that happens during marathon training. Somewhere near the beginning or middle of my training cycles I use two pairs of new shoes and cycle them between runs. This has helped me to avoid worrying about or needing new shoes come race day or anywhere near then. I love that you are going skiing right after. What a fun thing to look forward to when the miles get tough!

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    • great idea with the shoes! I usually do like to cycle shoes, but often one is not a model I use for racing, but more minimal or some other shape — like to mix things up and keep my feet *on their toes.* But for this race I ended up getting the exact same Nikes that I’ve used for my last two races (different color!) because I’ve had good luck with them… We’ll see!

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