Quitting the Gym: What’s Next? ClassPass?

I’ve finally cancelled my gym membership.  There are just too many free running paths and too many (expensive but really, really) good boutique studios.

Even though access to the gym was unlimited, I found that when I made it there (rarely), I didn’t get as much out of it as Orangetheory or a reformer pilates class.  I just sort of wandered around for 25 minutes, lifted a few weights while trying not to get in people’s way, and struggled to find something good on the TVs while stair-stepping and wishing I was outside.  The yoga instructors were good, but it was hard to fit the classes in with my work schedule and even harder to motivate myself to get up early for a class I hadn’t specifically paid for.  (There is always that calculus in the dark hours of the morning, when my bed is so so warm – losing the $30 I paid for my pilates class and sleeping for another hour, or sucking it up?  Money is a pretty good motivator.)  The barre classes at the gym were too crowded and were generally not as good as barre at Xtend Barre and Barre3.  The spin instructors couldn’t keep a beat.   I don’t like setting my own weights or counting my reps, so I only really like lifting with a trainer or my husband:


Now that I’ve freed up my conscience and an extra $100 each month, here are some of the great things I’m looking forward to…


  • Running (free!) (stay tuned for my next running goal in the new year! hint: I’m going to need a lot of shoes)
  • Reformer pilates (never ever stopping)
  • Orangetheory (obsessed)
  • Ballet (since 1988, y’all)


  • Swimming (free!) (just need to get brave re: the cold water… and the somewhat dangerous walk to the pool in the dark)
  • Biking (free!) (despite all the warnings from the Katy Says podcast)
  • Barre (less expensive than reformer classes, easier to get to than my ballet studio)


  • Flywheel (highly doubt I will become a regular, but interested in trying it)
  • CorePower yoga (already have a class card from Gilt!)
  • SolidCore (need to buy the new member special–2 classes for $25!) (again, highly doubt I will become a regular)

I am also very much considering using ClassPass once I’ve finished my reformer and CorePower class cards.  (For those of you who aren’t familiar: ClassPass is a monthly membership for $125 that gives you access to many different boutique studios.)  I know a lot of bloggers out there love it, and some of my favorite spots, and spots that are on my to-try list, participate.  My only hesitation is whether it is worth it for those of us who (1) like to run outside a fair amount and (2) have certain workouts that are not on ClassPass that we won’t give up (I’m looking at you, Orangetheory).  So I’ve crunched a few numbers, making assumptions about what I would likely do without ClassPass in a month and what I’d like to do with ClassPass in a month.

Here’s what I think my normal life will look like now that I’ve quit my gym:

Life Without Gym and Without ClassPass

Reformer X 4 = $120

Orangetheory X 4 = $68

Ballet X 1 = $18

Yoga/Barre X 1 (trying to be honest here) = $20

Lifting at work X 1 = Free

Running X 10 = Free

Resting X 9 = Free

Total = $226

Now, what about if I used ClassPass?  I’d be limited to three ClassPass sessions at my reformer studio per month, so let’s assume that I swap out one of those for a yoga or barre class, and then add on one other group fitness class because it would be free:

Likely ClassPass Scenario

Reformer X 3 = ~$90 regularly but would be covered by ClassPass

Yoga/Barre/HIIT/Pole Dancing/Cycling X 3 = ~$60 regularly but would be covered by ClassPass

Orangetheory X 4 = $68

Ballet X 1 = $18

Running X 10 = Free

Resting X 9= Free

Total = $125 (ClassPass) + $86 = $211

So I’ve save about $15 by joining class pass.  I’d get one less reformer class abut I’d get two additional yoga, barre, etc. classes.  Even more yoga, barre, etc. class would have a marginal cost of $0 (bustin’ out the econ on y’all), but if we are looking at things honestly, I’m not going to make any assumptions about me going to 5 or 6 of those classes a month.  In any event, I think this is compelling enough that I would give it a try.

Anything I am missing here?!  I love trying out new studios and new workouts (trapezing picture below!), so please let me know if there is anything I should add to the list!  What does everyone else think about ClassPass?  Is it easy to get into classes?  Do you get the value from it?  I’m especially interested if you are a runner or have a workout that you love that isn’t part of ClassPass!


9 thoughts on “Quitting the Gym: What’s Next? ClassPass?

    • Great minds! Also, Rachael, You should check out Reformation Fitness in DC one of these times you are in town. I am obsessed with their reformer classes (Mike and Misook especially–they are the owners). Perhaps not the trendiness of SolidCore but a nice new studio, a great workout (Misook will def make you sweat), and very cool people.


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