MSB Marathon Training T-Minus Four Weeks: You Gotta Be Bad, You Gotta Be Bold

This time of year, I think it’s really common to get in a little bit of a fitness rut.  The start of the holiday season, some increased intensity at work, important social events, and the colder weather have all been challenges for me the past few weeks.  I’ve been working out, but I haven’t made it to Orangetheory, I skipped a few longer runs, and two weeks ago I even walked to work all week instead of running.  Although I’m doing well at the Tea Streak and the Vending Machine Challenge, and really haven’t had many sweet treats apart from birthday cake(s), I’ve been taking in more calories than I’m burning.  (Binge eating clementines probably doesn’t help.)  I can feel some of the pre-wedding weight creeping back, which I was hoping to avoid because I know that I run faster and easier, with less risk of injury, when I’m a little leaner.

This past week, I’ve been working on crawling out of the rut!

Monday: Rest day (but run to work)

Tuesday: Reformer pilates–gah feels so good!

Wednesday: Rest day (but run to work)

Thursday: Soul Cycle.  Just one more class to use before the expiration date next week, which shouldn’t be a problem. Des’ree’s “You Gotta Be” came on and I had a spiritual moment.  It was exactly what I needed to hear.  Maybe this is what they mean when they say “Find Your Soul”?  I thought it was just a marketing gimmick…

Friday:  Why is it so warm in December?!  (I’m not complaining!)  I was excited to try out some podcasts and enjoy the warm temps (62!) so I ended work a bit early and went for a six mile run around the Capitol and the Mall.  I finished up the first episode of the new Serial season and then started a episode of The Marathon Show with the author of this article.  (And the premise of the article is refuted here.)  The Marathon Show was less polished than some others I’ve listened to – such as This American Life – but the host seems charming and it kept me entertained for an hour.


Saturday:  Rest day, cooking sandtart cookies with my family – a holiday tradition!


Sunday: 17 mile long run in shorts and a tech tee.  I listened to five episodes of a the Dear Sugar Radio podcast, per my new plan to listen to podcasts during my long runs.  It got me through most of the run without pain/boredom issues… However, I didn’t take any water or snacks with me on my run, which was a rookie/cocky veteran mistake.  Luckily I found some water fountains on mile 12 of a modified route, but I was so so hungry by mile 15 that I cut things short and headed directly to Sweetgreen.  I had a salad and then ran one more mile towards home, so I did get to the 17 miles I had planned.  Just a minor salad break in between 16 and 17.


For next week, I am going to try to get to Orangetheory at least once, because I miss it and haven’t been doing any speed work.  I’m also aiming to use up the last of my Soul Cycle pass.  And then of course my long run. 20 miles?!  Let’s do this.

Have y’all been feeling the “December Slump”? What is your “anthem” for getting pumped or putting things in perspective?  Did anyone else get to enjoy the unseasonably warm weather?  

3 thoughts on “MSB Marathon Training T-Minus Four Weeks: You Gotta Be Bad, You Gotta Be Bold

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