Goals and Race Schedule for 2017


Each December, I like to sit down and write out my goals for the coming year.  Last year I set several goals, outlined here.  I hit many of them, including my goal to run four marathons in 2016 (I did six), go camping (check!), hike and run trails (I did that a bunch), read Move Your DNA (done), and run a marathon under 3:45 (woohoo!).  A few others, not so much.

But I have only one goal for 2017:  B. Q.

Want to read about my past BQ journey?   Check out:

Here it is in chart form:


So here we are.  Just 4 minutes, 10 seconds and ideally a little buffer away from qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

My first race of 2017, at the end of February, is the Phoenix Marathon.  This is a fast course (allegedly even faster than Kiawah).  My “cut” with Renaissance Periodization will be wrapping up just before this race, so we’ll see if that has an effect.  On the other hand, I won’t be traveling to Colorado in the new year, so I’ll need to find a way to keep up my training intensity while in DC at sea level.  I’m going to try to find some hills and maybe even some running groups, and I’m aiming to keep up my mileage during the workweek.  In terms of race plan, I’ll intend to pace this race to BQ, with negative splits — a faster version of my Kiawah race (which I had paced to finish in 3:40).

After that, in April, I have the Big Sur Marathon in California.  This is a tough course, and I am not planning to race this one hard.  I will use it as a long training run and will take time to enjoy the view.

In May, I am signed up for the Bayshore Marathon in Michigan.  This will be my second chance for a BQ in 2017, in the event things don’t work out at Phoenix.  Even if Phoenix goes well, I plan to run this for the best time possible to maximize my chances of getting in under the cut.

After that?  If I still have not qualified, I am eyeing Revel Big Cottonwood in Utah in September.  This is a downhill course that is supposed to be very, very fast.

Hopefully that gets it done.

Then, I’d like to turn to some new terrain, such as the Mt. Hood 50k trail race.  I’ve been doing a lot of trail running here in Colorado, and I’m pretty obsessed with a few trail running podcasts.  So I feel like I need to stop being poser and man up and do one of these ultras.

I ran six races and checked off six new states in 2016, and that was a really nice number.  So I’m also considering rounding out 2017 with the Madison Marathon in Wisconsin for November.  I have a friend in grad school in Madison and would love to visit before he graduates.

Thoughts?  Race suggestions?  BQ tips?  What are your goals for 2017?  



16 thoughts on “Goals and Race Schedule for 2017

  1. BEST OF LUCK!!! U can do it!! 🙂 I have my 1st marathon (the flying pig) next year – oh my – I really hope I make it!! I’m more of a cyclist than a runner so this may be a disaster, but I’m in my 2nd week of training – so we will see!! 🙂

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    • Awesome! It will be hard (aren’t all new challenges?) but fantastic! I’ve heard so many good things about The Pig, and you’ve got a good bit of time to train!

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  2. You’ve got it!!! Have you ever considered working with a running coach? There are some amazing coaches out there and some of my friends have seen amazing gains in their running from the structure and guidance of a coach. My friend Jeremy just BQed in November, which he credits so much to working with a coach. Just a thought! You’re doing super well on your own, but after reading through that list of all the things you’ve tried – just thought it might be a suggestion!! I certainly benefited from a triathlon coach. Will be cheering for you!!

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    • Thanks!!! I’ve definitely considered it, but then I think about how my brain works and how crazy my schedule can get, and I feel like that might be too much structure for me. We’ll see how Phoenix goes, and then maybe pull out the big guns if needed!


  3. Good luck girly! I’m still proud you PRed at Kiawah. You are not too far off so I think with consistent training and more marathon experience, and then just having everything come together one day, that you will get there. The Myrtle Beach marathon here is fast but since you’re shooting for all 50 states I would probably try to find the fastest races in the states you haven’t run and shoot for those. I haven’t BQed, I was hoping to do that in my January marathon before I got hurt, but I hope to be there one day. Also if you check out Elizabeth Clor’s blog, it is great… she wrote a book called Boston Bound and has an amazing running blog about her trials getting to BQ!

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    • Thanks so much. Yes, I think it really is about everything coming together — the right weather, the right prep, sleep, nutrition, etc. That’s why I’m giving myself a few options instead of eggs in one basket! But I’d love to get it done sooner rather than later! Being this close is super motivating, so I am optimistic about this training cycle. I will definitely check out Elizabeth Clor’s blog – thanks for the suggestion!

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