Last Week of Asheville Marathon Training


View from Sunday’s long run

Did anyone do RnR New Orleans this weekend?  I did that marathon a few years ago and it was pretty fun!  Check out my recap here.  

This week was do-or-die for me, given that my longest run in this training cycle was 11.4 miles until this week.  Yikes!!!!  I usually like to get to 17 or 18 miles, if not 20.  Last week I stepped it up with three Orangetheory sessions and two longer runs, and this week I wanted to keep the momentum and finish this training cycle strong.  Oh, and do a true long run.  Here’s how I did…


  • Reformer pilates.  Used up my last session in my pass… time to make big decisions!


  • Rest day — tons of rain


  • Rest day — hoping to go out for a mid-day run but it just didn’t happen


  • Orangetheory (plus four mile run there).  This was a FANTASTIC session at Orangetheory — ESP Day, so it had endurance blocks, strength blocks, and power blocks.  I burned 600 calories and earned 19 splat points!



  • Did a session at the UVA SPEED Clinic.  Check out my recap!  Only about 10 minutes of running, but there were also some core and glute exercises.


  • I was still mentally processing everything I had heard at the SPEED Clinic but decided to head out for a shorter run and try to make some improvements to my form.  I ended up doing six miles, including some hills, and focused on using my core.  (Truth:  I was playing on the computer all morning and had somewhere to be in the evening, so I ran out of time to do a longer run).


  • LONG RUN!  I met up with a friend for the first seven miles and then wrapped up 10 more on my own, for a total of 17 miles.  (Want to see the routes I ran?  Check out my new page about running in DC!)  What a beautiful day — how could I not enjoy my run?  I again worked on trying to engage my core and my glutes while running.  It’s a lot to think about!  I felt energized enough to pick up the pace for the last three miles, which was edifying, and I could still walk afterward.  Victory.
  • After my run, husband and I went to the driving range to hit some golf balls.
  • I may have also attempted to make a slightly modified version of these cupcakes from the Flexi Foodie and am anxiously awaiting to see how they turned out.


And now I taper!!!  Want to know about the importance of tapering?  Here’s my post on glycogen!

Did anyone else have great weather this Sunday???  And, seriously, is anyone out there running the Asheville Marathon, or am I the only one?  

3 thoughts on “Last Week of Asheville Marathon Training

  1. Nice week of training…I’m guessing splat points are a good thing 🙂 The marathon looks really cool, around the Biltmore Estate. North Carolina is not in the short-term plans but I look forward to reading your report to see if I should add it to my 50 state list as a potential race. Good luck with your last 2 weeks.


    • Thanks! Yeah, “splat points” are just the way that you could your minutes in the orange and red heart rate zones in Orangetheory but I referencing them sort of joking because they are just a made up metric. I will definitely report back about Asheville! There aren’t as many NC races as I’d expected and when I asked for recommendations, this one immediately came up.


      • The only ones I had heard of were RnR Raleigh and Tobacco Road…I think that is NC. Btw, i like the updates to the site layout and DC running page – great idea!

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