VCM Marathon Training Week Six: Can I Take Runner-nity Leave?

Y’all might have seen this viral article by a woman who is proposing this concept of “Me-ternity”leave — a paid break childless women could take for themselves.  Needless to say, there’s some backlash.  I won’t get dragged into that conversation.  All I know is this week has been quite demanding at work, and those billable hours are crowding out my leisurely Sweetgreen lunches, afternoon walks, and mid-morning Orangetheory sessions.  So I’m wondering… how about “Runner-nity” leave?

I kid, I kid.

In truth, I’m happy to be busy billing hours after a few slower months at work.  I’ve gotta chase that paper.  (Yes, I just said that.)  But the timing is less than ideal.  Before this, I felt like I was making progress toward my BQ-ready race weight goal.   I just PR’d at a 10 miler (!!!).  I got a spot to run Chicago.  I’ve been keeping up with my VCM training plan shockingly well.  And I’ve been getting my movement on — rocking my zero-drop shoes and getting my glutes activated.  I’m getting in my groove! Or I was… 

And now?  This week I had pita chips for dinner.  Twice.  And they weren’t even Stacy’s — they were some no-brand catering pita chips that had been in the work refrigerator (???), left over from a Staff Appreciation Week reception.  There wasn’t even hummus.  Oh, and I ran a grand total of zero miles between Monday and Friday.

So I definitely don’t want to get sucked into one of those all-consuming biglaw black holes, because this is what happens when you get sucked in to those.

Even though I had a bunch of work to do over the weekend too, I knew I needed to drag myself out for a long run.  I was supposed to run 18 miles on Saturday, but I ended up making it only about 14, with a little break for some heavy deadlifts around mile 11.  Even though it wasn’t the distance I had planned, I’m patting myself on the back for making it out and going over 10 miles  and feeling pretty positive while doing it.  I could have come up with a bunch of excuses for just staying home, or going golfing with my husband, or spending the morning at the dog park instead.  (OK, OK, looking at these options we have a pretty good life…)  

Anyway, I’m hoping for more balance this coming week!  Just in case things stay crazy, I prepped some veggies on Sunday so I have something healthy to eat at work and don’t get stuck with only leftover pita chips.  

What are your tricks for working out and eating healthy when life gets in the way?  And did anyone else have a gloomy grey weekend? What kind of intro was that, May??


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