VCM Training Week Four: Running Long

  OK, OK.  Week four.  Really into it now.  Only six weeks left until race day!  (And can we talk about how it is LEGIT springtime right now???

Here’s what I had planned:

  • OTF
  • Yoga or back to pilates?
  • Run 17 miles
  • Do UVA Speed Clinic remedial exercises DAILY

AND I ACTUALLY DID IT (for the most part).


  • Rest.


  • Corepower Sculpt yoga class.  Still pretty into this, and luckily I’m only halfway done my class card!


  • Four-mile run + Orangetheory ESP (mix) day.  I’ve decided ESP days are my favorites and I might adjust my schedule to add in more of them, and fewer strength and power days.


  • Exercises from Move Your DNA while waiting around during jury duty.
  • UVA Speed Clinic exercises.


  • Rest.  Well, actually, work.


  • 8 mile run (split in two) + gardening.  WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DAY!  (Thank goodness for Flonase.  And for yummy Buchi kombucha afterward!)



  • 17 mile trail run.  OK, it was actually 16.8 miles.  And only about 10 of that was on trails.  And I walked some of it towards the end because my feet got really tired and I was hungry.  Probably because I didn’t eat a proper lunch before I headed out.  But they were real trails and the weather was AMAZING (even a bit warm) and I felt GREAT other than the foot and hunger thing at the end.

  • I fueled up during the run — around mile 5 or so — with a little packet of Justin’s maple almond butter.  So much more delicious than a gel!

Up next week:

The George Washington Parkway 10 Miler!  One of my favorite races but for various reasons I haven’t done it for a few years.  I’m going to try to really race it and see how it ends up.   For reference, my 10 miler PR is from this race in 2012 (so long ago!): 1:18:37.  I’m aiming to at least break 1:20 again this year.

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