VCM Training Week Five: I Won the Lottery!

Last week (yeah, the one that ended four days ago — I’m late! Sorry!) was just OK in terms of fitness progress… TONS of things going on at work that had me a bit stressed at times and interfered with my desire to sleep and/or go to Orangetheory.  BUT!  I also found out that I got in to the CHICAGO MARATHON (!!!!) through the lottery.  I’ve been wanting to do this race for YEARS but for various reasons haven’t made it happen.  2016 is the year!  So I’ll wait to check off Oregon (my backup plan) and instead get ILLINOIS.   Shockingly, I have never been to Chicago.  I don’t even think I’ve flown through Chicago… CRAZY.  As soon as I found out I was picked (which was right when I woke up because the Chicago people, unlike the NYC people, are merciful and send you a nice notice at 4:30 am instead of making you check your credit card statement a million times a day), I booked a non-refundable hotel for race weekend and made this this official.  So… as some of you may know, Chicago is a pretty fast course.  Which has me thinking… This is probably a good time to get a new PR and see how far I am from a BQ time…  BUT FIRST!  Vermont City Marathon.  So here’s what I did this past week…


  • Work.



  • Work.



  • Work


  • Hadn’t run all week so I went for a little 2.5 mile shakeout. The city is suddenly green (see above)!


So, what are your tips for training when work is crazy?  I tend to just drop my workouts during the week but keep up my long runs to the extent possible (that MIGHT be what I’m doing this week…).  But I’d love to hear other ideas!  Also, who got in to Chicago?!?


7 thoughts on “VCM Training Week Five: I Won the Lottery!

  1. !!! That is awesome about Chicago!!! I will be there too – it’s going to be my first marathon and I’m running for Ronald McDonald House! I’ve already told you this, but I love your blog, so it’s awesome that you got in and will be running it too!!


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