MSB Marathon T-Minus 6 Weeks: Thanksgiving!

Is the Mississippi Blues Marathon in only 6 weeks?! Time flies when you’re eating pumpkin cheesecake… or something like that.

Goals for This Past Week:

  • Run my Turkey Trot as close to 7 min/mile pace as possible
  • Do some kind of activity (even if just walking) while out of town for Thanksgiving
  • Stop myself from eating so much mashed potatoes/pumpkin cheesecake/carbs/yummy vegetarian sides that I feel sick
  • Squeeze in an easier 10 miler

How did I do?

Three out of four!  I was planning on doing my 10 miler on Saturday while visiting family, but I was genuinely enjoying hanging out with my husband so much that I didn’t want to head off on my own for two hours.  Instead we went to yet another closing City Sports (this is now the fourth one we’ve been to!) to get some gifts (check out my gift guide!).  Shoes were 40% off but they didn’t have my favorite Adidas Ultra Boosts, so I didn’t have to get a third backup pair.  I was thinking I might get my 10 miler in on Sunday instead, but it was rainy when we got home and I wasn’t feeling particularly motivated, so I spent the afternoon watching Netflix.  Missing this run won’t really alter my training in any significant way.  This was intentionally a lower-mileage recovery week anyway.  As for not eating so much I felt sick:  mostly a success!  The meal was carb-heavy — I had mashed potatoes with mushroom gravy, sweet potatoes, apple sauce, vegetarian stuffing, and steamed green beans — but I made sure to have some apples and eggs and other good things over the course of the week so that I didn’t feel like too much of a blob.

Monday: Rest day

Tuesday:  Orangetheory ESP (mix) Day

FullSizeRender (2)

Wednesday:  Lift with my husband–squats, overhead presses, and deadlifts (my favorite) with the big girl weights

Thursday:  Turkey Trot!  I ended up running a little slower than my 7 min/mile goal pace, but I’m totally OK with it–I had no clue what was a reasonable goal time, and I just wanted to push myself.  I ended up with a PR, didn’t run over any of the children/leisurely joggers who positioned themselves at the front of the starting line, and felt good.  Here are my splits and my results:

FullSizeRender (1)


Friday: Lift with my husband–mostly more squats, deadlifts, and rows


Saturday: Rest day/long walk with my husband and our dog

Sunday: Rest day

Goals for This Coming Week:

  • 15 mile long run
  • One heavy lift at the gym
  • Make it to SoulCycle at lease once to use some more of my classes before they expire
  • Don’t go overboard at Thanksgiving, Part II: The Other Side of the Family

How was your week?  Did you take a week off from training, or did you keep it going strong?  And is anyone out there also doing the Mississippi Blues Marathon??? 

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