VCM Training Week Two: OTF, Gardening, and Sleeping


U.S. Arboretum

Another week has come and gone, and we are already into APRIL!  This was my second week of training for the Vermont City Marathon.

Here was what I had planned for this week:

  • OTF X 3
  • CorePower Yoga X 3
  • Run 10 miles
  • Lose some body fat
  • Do UVA Speed Clinic remedial exercises DAILY

And here’s what I did…




  • 5 mile walk commute.
  • Rest day.


  • 4.5 mile run + Orangetheory power day.  Had to take a detour on the way to class because a few roads were blocked, so my run was a bit longer than normal. This was a partner workout and let’s just say neither the workout nor my partner were my favorite, and I spent most of the class on the rower.  I ended up with only 7 splat points.
  • Walk to the dentist and back (getting in some movement during “The Other 23 Hours”).


  • 4.5 mile run + Orangetheory ESP day. This was a great speed workout with blocks for endurance, strength, and power.   I got 12 splat points and burned 534 calories during class.


  • 3 mile run.
  • Gardening at the Washington Youth Garden. Hoeing is a serious workout! Lots of whole body movement — twisting, squatting, etc. Felt great but I was seriously worn out after!  The other volunteers and garden employees were really cool, and I am excited to make this a more regular thing.
  • Lots of other walking.


  • I had intended to do my 10 mile run on Sunday, but I had a family obligation in the morning.  By the time I got home from that, I was beyond tired.  I had some big things planned for the coming week (including a Sunday-night trip to Charlottesville for work), so I didn’t want to start behind on sleep.  I took a nap on the couch instead of running.

My eating was pretty good this week, so I am hopeful that I’ve cut some fat during the past month, even if not the two percent goal I had set (which I think would have required some serious eating discipline).  One of the biggest changes I’ve made is really focusing on not snacking all evening and un-doing all the healthy eating I’ve done during the day.  And of course I had like a million Sweetgreen salads — my faves.  For workouts, I met my OTF goal, but I missed my long run and my Corepower goal.  Oh, and I definitely didn’t do my Speed Clinic workouts every day.  I need to figure out how to better fit them into my schedule, so they become habit…

Do you have a set of stretches or workouts you do every day?  How do you get them integrated into your schedule?  Do you have some kind of reminder system?

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