Checking in on My 2018 Goals — One Month Down!

5ZNPrTjOSi1wq6jg3DAAt the beginning of the year, I set out a few goals for 2018.  Here I’ll provide a little update on how I am doing, now that we are one month in.  Note that because it wasn’t one of my official 2018 goals, I’ll write about my experience attempting Whole30 in a separate post.  So the goals…

Races: I haven’t run any yet!  Wil report back when I do!  Austin is in less than three weeks!

Pilates and Crossfit:  I set a goal to do free pilates and free Crossfit through work at least once a week.  It hasn’t been perfect, but I’ve made it to pilates twice this month, and although I haven’t officially gone to Crossfit, (1) my husband (who does Crossfit several times a week) made a Crossfit-style workout for me which we did in our gym and (2) I’ve been going to Orangetheory pretty religiously up to twice a week to try to use up some classes that are expiring soon.  So I think I get half credit for this one.
Green Mountain:  I am on track for my goal to summit Green Mountain 50 times this year – 4 down and 46 to go.  In January, I ran it twice as part of longer runs (the Boulder Skyline Traverse and the Three Peaks Loop) and twice on its own (both times followed this route: Gregory Canyon to Ranger to Greenman to Saddle Rock to Amphitheater).  In my original post, I wrote about how it took me 2.5 hrs to do a loop of Green at the end of July 2017 when I first tried to run it with one of the local running groups.  In short, it was a miserable experience.  Well, I tried the same loop solo on January 28, and it not only was less miserable, but I didn’t get lost and it took me about 2 hrs. — 30 minutes less!  And for that run the trails were covered with snow and ice.  (I wore my Yaxtrax and only fell once.).  So I’m on my way!
How are your goals/resolutions going?!
PS, running a 50-miler wasn’t one of my official goals, but it was something I’d been thinking about for a few months.  I’m excited to report that I am now signed up for the Quad Rock 50 Miler, which boasts 11,500 of gain! YEEPS!  TTYL, gotta got get in some vert!  GIVE ME ALL THE ADVICE! 

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