Starting (Vegetarian) Whole30! Plus, an RP vs. Whole30 Comparison

IMG_0322On New Year’s Day, my husband and I were driving to the ski slopes and he said “I think I’m going to do an experiment with my diet every month.”  “What do you mean?” I asked.  And he said, “Like, one month do paleo, one month do something else… I’d do Whole30 but it is so cliche.”  “I’d do Whole30 with you,” I gamely said.  And that was that.  We are four days in.  How is it going?

I turned down the chocolates in the break room yesterday.  I passed up on burrito bowl day in the cafeteria.  I put all the treats from the pantry into a Tupperware and hid it high on a shelf.  I’ve eaten about seven avocados, and my husband had to go buy more eggs.  He’s been reading a lot on Reddit.

How do we feel? I honestly cannot tell if I am hungry or not.  Am I about to pass out from starvation?  Or do I just want a brownie sundae because of cravings?  My husband said he is feeling foggy, and I went to bed last night at 7:30 pm.  We’ve made it past the day-two headaches (at least for now).   My husband did say I was glowing, so that’s something.

I’m doing the modified Whole30 for vegetarians, because the regular Whole30 would make it tough to get all the proper nutrients as a vegetarian.  So far I’ve had some plain organic yogurt that is not allowed on regular Whole30, and I have some tofu in the fridge to prepare, too (also not allowed on regular Whole30).  My husband is doing the standard version.  He doesn’t eat a lot of fruit, so I am most concerned about him getting enough carbs.  For me? I’m just worried about getting enough variety in my diet. I will continue to provide updates on our progress.

You might be wondering about how Whole30 compares to the last diet I did, Renaissance Periodization, or RP.   If you want the background on RP, here is my post.  For my results, check here.  And here are a few hacks and recipes for doing RP as a vegetarian.

And here is a comparison between RP and Whole30:

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 6.52.00 PM

Have you tried Whole30?  Did you finish it?  Let me know how it went for you! 

4 thoughts on “Starting (Vegetarian) Whole30! Plus, an RP vs. Whole30 Comparison

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    • I still go back and forth! I think whole 30 was easier and more approachable, but RP was better for sports/performance goals since it is so focused on muscle vs fat, and is more flexible if you plan appropriately.


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