MSB Marathon T Minus 5 Weeks: The Big 3-0


I turned 30 this week!  And that’s about all I accomplished.  It was a busy week at work, plus there was RAIN!  And coldness!  And family obligations!  I could make a million excuses, but whatever.  Back at it next week.

Here’s the summary…

Monday:  Rest

Tuesday:  Rest

Wednesday:  Soul Cycle  — one goal accomplished!  Thank goodness for indoor cycling to protect me from the rain and cold

Thursday:  Rest, and instead of working out, bake biscuits (my best batch yet!  I start with this White Lily recipe and then add a little more fat to help with moisture and flavor)


Friday:  Reformer pilates, plus a re-do of Thanksgiving with the other side of the family, including  my mom’s giant, delicious, buttery snowflake cookies


Saturday:  Horseback riding… holy calves… and inner thighs too.  You know the phrase “it’s like riding a bike?”… that doesn’t apply to horseback riding

Sunday:  Five mile run (shortened from the 17-miler I had planned… or was it 15 miles?..  either way, I didn’t make it)

Goals for This Coming Week:

  • 17 mile long run
  • Keep drinking tea and packing appropriate lunches (like the farro risotto with butternut squash and kale below! YUM! Similar to this.)
  • Make it to SoulCycle at lease once to use another of my classes before they expire
  • Stretch!


How are y’all adjusting to the cold weather and darkness?  Any tricks for staying motivated?  Also, what are the best things I have to fear/look forward to about my 30s?!

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