Five Weeks Until the Kiawah Island Marathon!

img_2619Next month I’ll be running the Kiawah Island Marathon, which will be my 20th marathon in my 15th state!  (Nice round numbers.)  I’m hoping to keep the momentum going after Chicago and come home with another PR as I inch my way towards that coveted BQ…  Here’s my training plan, plus what I did this past week — my first week of real training.

Also, by way of update: I’ve started to set up my race calendar for 2017.  I’m now registered for the Phoenix Marathon (hopefully marathon 21 and state 16) and the Big Sur Marathon (hopefully marathon 22 and state 17).  I will try for a PR at Phoenix and take it easy at Big Sur, as Big Sur is not what anyone would call a “PR Course.”   I am also targeting at least two other potential PR races for later in the year, since 2017 is dubbed “The Year of the BQ.”

In case you were wondering where I’ve been (literally and with regard to this blog), I am still traveling to Colorado every week, and although the plane rides and hotel stays can wear on me, I am SO loving the opportunity to spend some time out West.  I’ve met some really awesome, adventurous, tough people out here, and done some great running.

I’ve also done some hiking recently in CO and in VA, and I started playing with a sourdough starter.  Posts about all of those things to come!  (Hopefully!)

Anyway, here is my training plan for the Kiawah Island Marathon.  I have three peak training weeks then three taper weeks, then the race.  Fingers crossed for no IT band or other health issues before this race!

Week of October 31 

  • Recap of short runs: 6.7 miler Monday (flat), 6.7 miler Tuesday (flat), 2.4 miler Tuesday (hills), 4 miler Wednesday (hills)
  • Orangetheory (approx 2 miles) + 3.5 miler (Friday)
  • Long runs: 15.5 miler (Saturday), 13 miler (Sunday)
  • Rest day (Thursday)
  • Total mileage: 54 miles

Side note:  I am pretty sure this was my highest mileage week ever.  Usually 40 miles is a high week for me.  I’m playing with some higher mileage because (1) it’s freaking beautiful outside and (2) I need to do something to step up my training to improve on my Chicago time…

Week of November 7

  • Short runs Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (approx 15 miles total)
  • Rest day (Thursday)
  • Orangetheory (approx 3 miles) + 4 miles (Friday)
  • Long run: 18 miler (Saturday), 10 miler (Sunday)
  • Total mileage: 50 miles

Week of November 14

  • Short runs Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (approx 15 miles)
  • Rest days (Thursday, Sunday)
  • Orangetheory (approx 3 miles) + 4 miles (Friday)
  • Long run: 20 miler (Saturday), 3 miles (Sunday)
  • Total mileage: 45 miles

Week of November 21 (Thanksgiving!) (taper week)

  • Short runs Monday-Friday (approx 15 miles)
  • Long run: 10 miles (Sunday)
  • Total mileage: 25 miles

Week of November 28 (taper week)

  • Short runs Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday
  • Total mileage: 20 miles

Week of December 5 (taper week)

  • Short runs Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
  • Total mileage: 15 miles

How many miles do you usually run in a week?  Do you find that adding mileage helps your pace, or does it just wear you out?  Has anyone run the Kiawah Island Marathon or have tips for me???

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