VCM Training Week Three: Start Strong, Finish Strong

OK, a little delayed on this recap of last week.  But here it is.  Week three of training!…

Here’s what I had planned:

The reality? Let’s just say this week started and ended well…


  • Traveled to Charlottesville for work, and I was able to do a 5 mile run, including up the big hill I used to run WAY back in the day when I was still a newbie runner.  I went into it that it might feel miserable because we don’t have many similarly-giant hills in DC.  But it felt great — way easier than when I was in college.  I made it to the top in time to watch the sun rise over the mountains (see photo below).


  • Cancelled the scheduled Orangetheory so I could get to work for an early meeting, plus I was exhausted from my trip to VA.
  • Emergency vet trip until super late.  (Dog is fine.)


  • Little lift in the morning, mainly deadlifts.  Finally stepped up and used the big bar at the gym.
  • Lots of (figuratively) running around town to conferences and meetings for work, so there were many, many steps but no real cardio workout.



  • Woke up a million times at night to tend to a needy dog. (Last night of this, knock on wood.)
  • Rest day.


  • Corepower Yoga C2 flow class after staying in bed until 11 am (hallelujah!).  Muscles got some much-needed work and stretching, and this was a good option since it was shockingly cold outside.


  • RUN!  YAY!  The goal was to run 13 miles.  I ran (early! in the unseasonably cold temperatures! 30 degrees!) to meet up with my running buddy.  During our run, she wanted to walk a few times, which was fine with me because I was mainly there for the chatting anyway.  I’m guessing we walked 4 or so miles, so when we parted ways I decided to run a little extra.  I ran two more miles, getting to 15 total running and walking, and then I walked 2.5 more miles home.  I’m going to just go ahead and count this as 13 miles running.  It felt good, and my glutes were nice and primed from yoga the day before.  Hopefully that means I was using them to help me run, too?
  • Followed up my run by hitting some golf balls at the range.

On the calendar for this week:

  • OTF
  • Yoga or back to pilates?
  • Run 17 miles
  • Do UVA Speed Clinic remedial exercises DAILY

 How was your week?   Have you ever tested your fitness against an activity you used to do but haven’t done lately, like re-visiting soccer practice or running the old college hill?   I might be older, but I am definitely in better shape than in college!  

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