Asheville Marathon Training T-Minus 6 Weeks


This was my last week before taking a little break for my honeymoon in Hawaii (!!!!!). I really wanted to get in a lot of core work while I was thawing out from the snow storm and while my legs were getting back into distance-shape.  But I also was really hoping to (finally) get myself out for a long run, especially given my new goal


Here’s my recap…


  • Started my free week at Corepower Yoga (review coming soon!)


  • Reformer pilates private class when no one else showed up.  Extra, extra hard!
  • Little jog around the Capitol–maybe like 3 miles–super overdressed


  • Back to Corepower–it’s free!  Body is officially love-hating me with the back-to-back yoga and pilates
  • Went on a 1.7 mile jog but then really had to pee so I turned around and walked back… success? or fail?
  • Got my first Vinebox!  Can’t wait to reward myself with a few wines by the glass (because a whole bottle is just too much for me to handle at this point…)


  • Back to reformer pilates.  Can’t stop, won’t stop.  Biceps feel like rocks this week.
  • 10K walk/jog combo in my heavy (and, at this point, mostly unnecessary) trail shoes. Overdressed but luckily I had my backpack so I stuffed my puffer jacket and sweatpants in there.  Ended up being really lovely.


  • Rest day


  • LONG RUN!  Finally.  Only 10.3 miles but I didn’t want to shock my system too much, and I was feeling a little pinch on the left side of a lower back (a little annoyance that has come and gone over the past several years).  I took a nice 3 mile walk after I finished my run to help work out the kinks and ease back into longer runs.  There were still some spots on my normal route that were covered in snow (should have worn those trail shoes again…), so I went super slow on those spots and modified my route to include the Capital Crescent Trail, which I knew was cleared.  I also finally figured out how to dress myself for this weather.  It was in the high 20s and I wore running tights, a long sleeved tech tee, a medium-weight Nike pullover, a Brooks earwarmer, and some thin running gloves.  I took off the gloves after a while, but otherwise, it was perfect.


  • Corepower–last day of my free pass!  I ran about 3 miles there and then between walking home and running a few last-minute pre-honeymoon errands, ended up walking 7 more.

My schedule is about to be disrupted (in a good way, I hope!) for the next two weeks but I am going to try to do some fun, and maybe less conventional, workouts in Hawaii so I can keep my fitness up and will be ready to jump back into a bunch of Orangetheory and running when I get back home.

Any tips for training while traveling?  What are the best spots to run on Maui and Kauai? 

1 thought on “Asheville Marathon Training T-Minus 6 Weeks

  1. Hawaii is awesome to run, unless you happen to run the Maui Oceanfront Marathon, which you’re not 🙂 but you’ll want to start early – the sun is intense and you know from my recent race report going from cold winter to intense sun and humidity is tough…but you’re not there to race so you can control your own schedule. We had a fabulous time and just had a blast running along the beachwalks…we stayed in the Westin Villas on kaanapali beach/coast area and it was fabulous. Hwy 30 is where the marathon ran after we left Wailea, so as you drive that road you’ll get an idea of the course we ran in the heat and humidity of the marathon 🙂 Have a great time!!


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