MSB Marathon T-Minus 9 Weeks: A Still-Bruised Toe and Continuing No Sugar November


As I mentioned last week, I was ready to start No Sugar November on Sunday.  I stocked up on No-Sugar-November compliant snacks such as apples, bananas, Babybel cheeses, avocados, and some olives.  But physically, I was hurting from dropping my computer on my toe on Saturday night.  (I swear I am not a complete baby.  I’ve run through lots of pains.  But this toe thing was something else!  Even putting on a shoe was tough.)  Luckily the pain subsided after a few days.

Short Recap: This week was not what I would call “spectacular” from a fitness and nutrition perspective but I am not really in the mood to beat myself up about it.

Long Recap

Monday: Soulcycle

  • NSN Day 2: Halloween candy at every turn in the office.  But I resisted!  Leftover frittata for lunch and devoured a Shophouse rice bowl for dinner.  Feeling mostly in control.

Tuesday: Rest day because the toe was still hurting and I just didn’t feel like lifting or swimming or doing another day of SoulCycle

  • NSN Day 3: Sugar has been replaced with cheese pizza and Dirty potato chips.  Still starving despite eating about 1000 extra calories.


Wednesday:  Rest day #2 because I got stuck at work late and couldn’t go to the gym for a lift.  Toe was still too tender to run, but almost ready.

  • NSN Day 4: More pizza.  Also tacos.  And Smartfood white cheddar popcorn.  But no desserts!  Not sure I’m doing this right…

Thursday:  Toe was finally healed enough for running!  I got in some solid core work at a reformer pilates class, plus my run commute to work.

  • NSN Day 5:  I went to work armed with loaded-up oatmeal, a protein shake, and some Amy’s Mac and Cheese (it’s raining; I need comfort food).  I still ended up getting pizza for dinner.


Friday: Reformer pilates class (will do a post in the future about reformer because I love it)

  • NSN Day 6:  Finally, a day without pizza.  Got yummy Sweetgreen instead.

Saturday: 6 mile run in the rain plus a 90 minute ballet class

  • NSN Day 7: Had a smoothie breakfast and another Sweetgreen lunch.  Friends came over for cheese and wine (I abstained from the wine) and then we went out to dinner.  No dessert for me, but I was so full from the cheese and meal, it was not a problem.  I did eat a fair amount of bread that evening, which isn’t technically off-limits but maybe should be.

Sunday: Rest day.  (I was supposed to run 10 miles on Sunday but I was feeling tired and had a bunch of errands to run and things to do around the house.  No need to force it.  But we did run out to buy a Vitamix with some wedding gift cards!)

  • NSN Day 8:  I ate seven biscuits, one green smoothie, and zero desserts.


Goals for Next Week  

  • Make it to Orangetheory one morning
  • Get to the regular gym twice (which I pay for but so rarely use)
  • Complete my long run over the weekend
  • Continue with No Sugar November, but with no trips the vending machine or pizza place (i.e., bring enough good snacks to work to get me through the day)

How was your week?  Is anyone else trying out No Sugar November? 

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