WayB Pico Car Seat Unsponsored, Unbiased Review

The WayB Pico on the airplane

We recently traveled to visit family for the first time with a toddler. We also had our baby in tow and wanted to make the journey as easy as possible for everyone. Although car seats are not required for kiddos on planes, we thought that having our bigger one in a car seat might make him more comfortable sitting in his own seat, more likely to sleep, and less likely to spend the whole flight crawling on us (one of us was also needing to hold the baby!). We narrowed our search for a travel car seat down to the very popular, very affordable Cosco Scenera and the less affordable but foldable WayB Pico. The foldability won out and we decided to splurge on the WayB Pico. Read on for my thoughts!

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