The Ultimate Baby Registry Guide — MUST HAVES and What to Skip

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I had a baby this summer, hence the slowdown in both my running and my blogging.  But I’m getting back at both!  Below is a list of the items I have found most helpful in the first couple months of my baby’s life and would suggest that other parents or soon-to-be parents add to their registries.  Unless otherwise noted, I ACTUALLY USED every item on this list during the early days and thus was glad to have on hand when my baby arrived.  Enjoy!

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Ten Tips for Staying Sane for the First Month of Motherhood… Without Running

Whew.  I am nearly six weeks into motherhood and while there are parts that are really lovely, there are other parts that are REALLY HARD.  For those of us who normally find relief and release by running, the stresses of new parenthood can be compounded.  Here are my top ten tips for surviving the beginning of it all, particularly when running is not advised.  Note, I am not a medical professional and this is all just based on my experiences.  I would love to hear from others in the comments below!

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